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Man Injured in Forklift Accident at Crossville Hardwoods
WVLT/ Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday February 22, 2017

A man was rushed to UT Medical Center shortly before 1 p.m. Tuesday following a forklift accident at Crossville Hardwoods on Interstate Drive. The victim’s name was not immediately released, however, Local 8 News reports that the man’s daughter said his chest was crushed. A Lifestar helicopter was able to land a short distance away in the parking lot of the Rocky Top 10 Cinema and the man was flown to Knoxville around 1:30 p.m.


Sen. Beavers Flees Office Amid Protest
AP Wednesday February 22, 2017

A Tennessee senator has locked up her state Capitol office amid a renewed feud with protesters.

About a dozen people were involved in Tuesday's protest at Republican Sen. Mae Beavers' office. Some read civil rights writings and knocked on her door inside the office.

Last week, Beavers and GOP Rep. Mark Pody abruptly ended their own news conference when protesters interrupted to oppose the lawmakers' bathroom bill and legislation defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Afterward, Beavers suggested the protesters should be imprisoned, spurring Tuesday's sit-in.

Beavers told Tuesday's protesters she'd have them removed if they kept knocking. She said she was busy meeting with constituents.

Beavers and staffers then left and locked up as protesters asked questions. Police blocked protesters as Beavers took the elevator.


TDH Reminds Travelers To Take Precautions Against Zika
Peg Broadcasting News/ Wednesday February 22, 2017

With many Tennesseans planning for spring break and travel to warmer locations where the Zika virus is prevalent, the Tennessee Department of Health is reminding travelers to protect against mosquito bites.

While most people who contract the Zika virus will have little to no symptoms others may experience fever, rash, red eyes, joint and muscle pain and headache. These may last only a few days to a week.

In most people, the virus will cause little to no harm. Those at most risk from severe illness and complications from Zika infection are pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant, who may have a baby with severe brain defects including microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads.

The TDH advises the use of repellants containing 20 to 30 percent DEET, picaridin and IR3535 are safe for pregnant women when used as directed on the product label. Other mosquito bite prevention tactics include wearing long, loose and light clothing; not using items with fragrances that may attract mosquitoes and using permethrin-treated clothing.

In 2016, 63 travelers returned to Tennessee infected with Zika virus. In each of those cases, the Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee medical community worked quickly to ensure the virus would not spread to others.


January Revenues Broadcasting News Wednesday February 22, 2017

Tennessee tax revenues were above budgeted estimates for January. Finance and Administration Commissioner Larry Martin announced on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017 that overall January revenues, driven by a very large one-time franchise and excise tax payment, were $1.4 billion. Total revenues were $169.1 million more than the state budgeted and 10.54% more than revenues received in January of last year.


The Bridges of Cumberland County
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday February 22, 2017

Following a new study which reveals that 55,000 bridges in the U.S. are structurally deficient, the Tennessee Department of Transportation says only 5 percent of the state’s 20,000 bridges are in need of repair. However, 7 of those deficient bridges are in Cumberland County, which has a total of 135 bridges. The nearby counties of Anderson, Fentress and Roane also have 7 bridges each that are structurally deficient. Morgan County has 13 bridges that are in poor condition. It should be noted that “structurally deficient” does not necessarily mean that a bridge is in danger of collapse.


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