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School Closings for Tuesday, Jan 10: Cumberland County Schools and Christian Academy of the Cumberlands are on 2 Hour Delays


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High School Basketball Games Cancelled
Friday January 6, 2017

Both CCHS and Stone Memorial basketball games are cancelled for tonight due to the weather


Friday January 6, 2017


January 6, 2017, 0815 hrs.

The City of Crossville Police Department is issuing an Emergency Notification to anyone living or travelling in the Crossville, Cumberland County area. Travel conditions in the area are treacherous.

Roadways are icing over and countless vehicles are currently crashed into ditches and into each other. In an effort to protect life and property, we are asking that all non-emergency travel be limited. If you can wait until the roadways are treated and cleared, please do so.

If your vehicle gets stuck and there is no apparent damage, please wait to call for a report. Emergency personnel are moving as quickly as possible between multiple crashes, some serious with injuries. Please avoid any unnecessary travel. The life you save could be your own.


School Closings
Peg Broadcasting News Thursday January 5, 2017

School Closings for January 5, 2017: Cumberland County Schools will be closing at 1:30pm. White County and Van Buren County will be closing at 1pm and Overton County is closing at noon. Roane State Crossville Campus is closed for today.


Lawmaker Wants to Ease Restrictions on Deer Carcasses
AP Thursday January 5, 2017

A Tennessee lawmaker plans to introduce a bill during the 2017 legislative session that would ease restrictions on how deer carcasses can be imported into the state.
A new Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency rule prohibits deer, elk, and moose harvested in states that have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease from entering the state unless they have been processed first.
The wildlife agency said the rule is meant to prevent the highly contagious, fatal, neurological disease from entering the state. CWD, which affects the deer family, is currently not in Tennessee.
But local taxidermists have said the new rule will adversely impact their business.
Representative Bud Hulsey (R-Kingsport) plans on introducing a bill during the upcoming legislative session to ease the restrictions.
He met with taxidermists in October about their concerns with the TWRA rule and thinks he has a solution that will let hunters bring in out-of-state carcasses.
Representative Hulsey said the businesses would follow TWRA guidelines to make sure they are using the safest disposal methods to prevent CWD from entering the environment and spreading to deer.
Representative Hulsey said he plans on filing the bill in the next couple weeks. The Tennessee General Assembly will convene on Tuesday, Jan. 10.


TDOT Ready for Winter
Thursday January 5, 2017

TDOT brine trucks were working throughout the day Wednesday with city and county workers to keep the roads safe.
Forecasters are calling for possible winter weather to pass through Tennessee and much of the southeast.
TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn says all of the department's 178 trucks are on standby in Region 2, which serves 24 counties, including Cumberland County.
Brine is a salt water solution that temporarily keeps snow and ice in a slushy state. It buys time for TDOT crews dealing with the conditions across the state. Interstates and trouble spots will be their first priority.
Flynn is reminding all drivers to be patient with snow or ice on the ground. Drivers should never try to pass a plow or TDOT salt truck in action.


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