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AG election proposal passes Senate
AP Wednesday April 15, 2015

A proposed constitutional amendment calling for the popular election of the state's attorney general has overwhelmingly passed the Senate. The measure, which has failed for a number of years, was approved 23-9. Under the state's constitution, the attorney general is appointed to an eight-year term by the state Supreme Court. The sponsor of the proposal, Republican Sen. Mae Beavers of Mt. Juliet, says the current process is a conflict of interest because the attorney general is being "chosen by judges that he himself interviewed and helped put on the bench."


Bill to do away with Tennessee helmet requirement shelved
AP Wednesday April 15, 2015

A proposal to do away with Tennessee's motorcycle helmet requirement has been shelved for the year. The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Jay Reedy of Erin was deferred on Tuesday until the first calendar of next year's legislative session. Under the proposal, motorcycle riders at least 21 years old carrying private health insurance would be able to decide if they want to wear a helmet. The Tennessee Highway Patrol opposes the bill because it wouldn't allow troopers to verify the age and insurance status of motorcyclists. About 167,000 motorcycles are registered in Tennessee.


Lawyers: AG opinion bars felons from having antique guns
AP Wednesday April 15, 2015

The Tennessee attorney general's office appears to have changed its position on whether felons and those convicted of domestic violence can legally possess antique guns. A 2008 opinion issued by then-Attorney General Robert Cooper said felons could lawfully possess the older weapons. However, state law has changed. The latest opinion by Attorney General Herbert Slatery says violent felony and drug felony offenders cannot possess the antiquated guns using muzzle loaders and black powder, even if they are hunting. But legal experts say the opinion is confusing and appears to limit all felons from using the older guns. The opinion was in response to questions posed by Mt. Juliet Republican Sen. Mae Beavers. Beavers asked what weapons felons could use to hunt.


CCHS Mock DUI Thursday, April 16
Submitted: Ruth Lucas, Cumb. Co. Health Dept. Wednesday April 15, 2015

Cumberland County High School Mock DUI will be held Thursday April 16, at approximately 9:40 am. on Stanley Street in front of CCHS. The drill is a joint effort conducted by the Cumberland County Health Dept., Crossville Police and Fire Dept. Cumberland County EMS, and other agencies. The mock DUI is a “simulation” of an actual accident where students have been to the prom, the driver of one of the vehicles is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and a crash occurs with injuries and fatalities. All emergency vehicles and personnel will be treating the scene like a real accident.


April Is Fair Housing Month
Submitted: Stace Karge Tuesday April 14, 2015

The Crossville Housing Authority is pleased to announce that Crossville City Mayor James Mayberry and Cumberland County Mayor Kenneth Carey Junior are proclaiming April as Fair Housing Month in response to the need for community education and as an effort to increase awareness of fair housing. Fair Housing laws are dictated by state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status, or national origin. Fair Housing laws apply to real estate agents, builders, insurers, brokers, and lenders. Every day, the Crossville Housing Authority helps families throughout our area with their housing needs. For more information on the many programs available from Section 8 Vouchers, to rental assistance to building your own home through the New Beginnings Self-Help Housing Program contact the Crossville Housing Authority at 931-484-2990. For more information on this press release, please contact: Stace Karge, Housing Counselor, Crossville Housing Authority, New Beginnings Self-Help Housing Program, 931-484-2990.


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