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Morgan County Deputies Make Own Repairs On Cop Cars

Morgan County Deputies Make Own Repairs On Cop Cars
Kyle Warnke-WVLT/ Broadcasting News Wednesday November 19, 2014

Sheriff’s deputies in Morgan County have been pulling double duty by doing repairs and maintenance on their own cop cars. This has saved the county thousands of dollars according to Sheriff Freytag and his crew do all their own maintenance work on their cruisers; even rebuilding engines and changing out transmissions. And thanks in part to the Sheriff’s Department’s cost saving measures, the Morgan County Commission recently budgeted for new patrol cars for the first time in six years. Sheriff Freytag hopes the new vehicles will give his deputies a break from having to also serve as their own mechanics, if only for a little while.


Clandestine Meth Lab Found In Lake Tansi
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday November 19, 2014

Lake Tansi Security found a clandestine meth lab on Flathead Circle Sunday. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department was called to investigate and confirmed at least one pot meth lab was still active. Dozens of “shake-n-bake” meth labs were also discovered at the location along with all the components needed to manufacture methamphetamine. The Meth Task Force was called in to collect the meth trash for proper disposal. There are no suspects at this time.


Driveway Sealing Scam
Peg Broadcasting News Wednesday November 19, 2014

A Spruce Loop resident fell victim to a driveway sealing scam. The victim told Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputies that a white male came to her home and said he would seal her blacktop driveway for $150 to $200. Shortly after they made the deal, the man came back and told her the job was completed, but he would need $800. His reason for the higher price was that the company he works for demanded all the materials used be paid for in advance. He said he would mail her a check for $700. The victim gave the man $800 cash and told authorities that the suspect drove away in a full size dark gray pickup truck. So far, the suspect has not been identified and the case is ongoing.


City Police charge 7 on drugs charges after a traffic stop on Lantana Road
Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday November 18, 2014

Authorities arrested 7 persons on charges of possession of marijuana for resale after they stopped a vehicle on Lantana Road. The driver of the vehicle apparently pulled into his own driveway for the stop that led to the charges. According to reports, a female occupant of the vehicle asked officers if she could take her nephew into the house while the vehicle was searched. Officers escorted the female to the door of the house where they detected the odor of marijuana. After being granted permission to enter, officers reported seeing small amounts of the illegal weed around the living room, along with drug paraphernalia. Officers then obtained a search warrant for the residence and netted almost $10,000 worth of marijuana, over $1,200 in cash, and a Mossberg 22 rifle. Charged in the incident was 23 year old Christopher Cummings, 21 year old Vondarous Dawson, 40 year old Ray Marshall, 24 year old Crystal Coulter, 18 year old Amanda Hackett, all of 393 Lantana Road, 20 year old Dakota Crain of Kings Row, Crossville and 31 year old Jayme Lee Wilson-Reed of Baxter, TN.


TCWN Files Lawsuit to Force the U.S. Army and BAE to Clean-Up the Holston River
Tennessee Clean Water Network Tuesday November 18, 2014

The Tennessee Clean Water Network has filed a lawsuit to force the U.S. Army and BAE to stop the pollution of the Holston River with a highly explosive chemical, RDX, used in military ammunitions and bombs and to comply with other provisions of the facility’s Clean Water Act permits. The toxic RDX is coming from the Holston Army Ammunitions Plant (HSAAP) in Kingsport, Tennessee. The HSAAP is owned by the U.S. Department of the Army and operated by BAE Systems Ordnance Systems, Inc. The group further claims that continued pollution of the Holston River caused one Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation staff member to remove herself from the position of permit writer for the HSAAP.


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