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Thieves Foiled by Garage Door
CCSD/Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday January 20, 2015

Thieves were apparently foiled by a garage door when they attempted to steal an air compressor on Brandenburg Lane. According to reports from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department, some one pried a large garage door from its locks but slid the door in the wrong direction when they attempted to enter the building. This caused the door to become unhinged and the door would only open about 8 inches. An air compressor had been pulled toward the opening, but it wouldn't fit through the gap, so the crooks couldn't steal it. Damage to the door was listed at $100. Authorities have not named any suspects at this time.


Bullet Hits Truck on Northside Drive
CCSD/Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday January 20, 2015

A Northside Drive resident was not injured when a bullet tore through his pick-up truck on Saturday. The victim told authorities he was traveling on Northside Drive when he heard a loud bang. When he stopped his vehicle and got out, he noticed a bullet hole in the inner and outer fender of his truck. Reports did not indicate who may have fired the shot and an estimate of damage was not listed.


1998 Dodge Ram Stolen From Chestnut Hill Road
CCSD/Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday January 20, 2015

A Chestnut Hill Road resident reports the theft of a 1998 Dodge Ram Single Cab truck from her residence. The vehicle, listed at $2,000, is two-tone green over silver. The home had also been ransacked but the victim did not have a complete list of items stolen at the time of the report and no suspects have been named in the case.


Lawn Mower Stolen From Page Road
CCSD/Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday January 20, 2015

A Page Road resident reports the theft of his 1980's model Troy-Bilt lawn mower. The victim said the mower had been sitting on blocks in the back yard with rear flat tires. Loss was estimated at $500.


Grant Scam
CCSD/Peg Broadcasting News Tuesday January 20, 2015

Now there's a new grant scam. A Gallahar Road resident told authorities that she got a call saying she had been chosen to receive a $7,000 government grant. According to reports a suspect was listed as a point of contact when the victim called with a Green Dot Card.


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